If you are interested in syncing Quicken with online banking, below is some information on how to get started, what Quicken products are compatible, login requirements and more!

Have questions? Please contact:

  • Elevations Contact Center: 800.429.7626
  • Quicken Support Team: 888.311.7276
  • Quickbooks Support Team: 888.859.4056

Quicken Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Connect
Web Connect
FAQ: Product Description
Direct Connect: With Direct Connect, you can automatically download transactions from your financial institution while within Quicken.
Web Connect: With Web Connect, you manually download transactions from your Financial Institutions website into Quicken.
FAQ: Windows Compatible?
Direct Connect: Yes. View the Direct Connect Quicken Guide (PDF).
Web Connect: Yes. View the Web Connect Quicken Guide (PDF).
FAQ: Mac Compatible?
Direct Connect: No
Web Connect: Yes
FAQ: How do I register?
Direct Connect: You will be asked to register for your Quicken Direct Connect. View our Direct Connect Registration Guide (PDF) for more information.
Web Connect: No Registration is required.
FAQ: What are the password requirements?
Direct Connect: Direct Connect will ask you for a password. This password must be different from your Elevations Online Banking password and must be between 6-8 characters. Alpha-numeric characters only.
Web Connect: Your Web Connect password is your Elevations Online Banking password.
FAQ: Can I use Quickbooks with Direct Connect or Web Connect?
Direct Connect: No
Web Connect: Yes. For more information, please view the Web Connect Quickbooks Guide (PDF).
FAQ's Can I export my data into a CSV spreadsheet file?
Direct Connect No
Web Connect Yes. For instructions, please view our Spreadsheet (.CSV) Export Guide (PDF).
FAQ: Can I view my Elevations personal banking accounts?
Direct Connect: Yes
Web Connect: Yes
FAQ: Can I view my auto or personal loans?
Direct Connect: Yes
Web Connect: Yes
FAQ: Can I view my Elevations' home equity loans (HELOC)?
Direct Connect: No
Web Connect: Yes
FAQ: Can I view my Elevations credit cards?
Direct Connect: No
Web Connect: Yes
FAQ: Can I view my Elevations' mortgage?
Direct Connect: No
Web Connect: No
FAQ: What versions of QuickBooks do you support?
FAQ: What versions of Quicken's products do you support?
Direct Connect: View the Quicken Discontinuation Policy Page.

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