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Transfer Funds

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) are electronic payments or deposits made directly to or from your Elevations account. EFT is safe, secure, and saves time. 

How to Transfer Funds

There are various ways to transfer funds and make payments from one account to another.

Choose an option below:

* Wire transfer fees apply. Please reference the fee schedule.
For more information, we describe electronic funds transfers further in our Membership and Account Agreement (PDF) in section 11 – "Account Access".

Need assistance transferring funds?

At Elevations, we offer a variety of options to transfer funds. Have a question? Or want someone to assist you in transferring funds? We'd be happy to help you!

Please select one of the options below to reach us so that we can take care of this for you:


Direct Deposit

Get your payments the fastest and most secure way possible with direct deposit. Payroll deduction is the most popular use for direct deposit. Your paychecks will be automatically delivered to your designated bank account. You can choose to have all or just a portion of the paycheck deposited into your account; you can also have the money deposited into different accounts.

Direct deposit can also be used for many other types of payments, including:

  • Tax refunds
  • Social Security or other government payments
  • Annuity payments
  • Bonuses and commissions
  • Dividend and interest payments
  • Pension distributions
  • Travel expense reimbursements
  • Vendor payments
  • View a demo on how Direct Deposit works at

Direct Deposit Instructions

  • Fill out and print the Direct Deposit Form (PDF)
  • Give the completed form to the company or organization initiating the payment.

Mailing Address:

Elevations Credit Union
PO Box 9004
Boulder, CO 80301

Routing Number: 307074580

Account Number: Your 13-digit account number. You can find your account number at the bottom of your checks or in online banking. To find the number in online banking, log in to your account and select the appropriate checking account. Select "Account Details" to view the ACH number (this is your account number).

If you prefer, you can also attach a voided personal check to the direct deposit form to confirm the account number.


If you need assistance, we would be happy to help you set up your direct deposit. Please call 303.443.4672.

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