Commitment to Sustainability

Our environmental and social values are part of the fiber of Elevations Credit Union. As important as it is to manage member assets in a prudent financial manner, it is equally important to be good stewards of the environment and the communities that support the organization. We continually look for ways to improve our green credentials, and to build relationships with other like-minded companies and organizations. In 2008, the Elevations Board of Directors voted to adopt our commitment to sustainability and continue to do so to this day in the following policy statement:

Elevations Green Policy Statement

Adopted by the Board of Directors

Elevations Credit Union is committed to minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment and promoting the understanding of sustainability throughout your Credit Union. We will seek ways to reduce our environmental impact by reducing waste and utilities usage by implementing enhanced recycling programs, green cleaning programs and utilize recycled materials whenever possible. Our green policy is consistent with our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and best management practices.

We endeavor to educate and encourage our staff and membership to adopt environmentally responsible practices. In partnership with Eco-Cycle, Xcel Energy, and the City of Boulder’s Energy Smart Program through providing low-interest rate financing for eligible projects, we will continually seek ways to implement best practices as outlined by the U.S. Green Buildings Council and all relevant environmental legislation.

Green Credentials

Elevations Credit Union is extremely proud of our green credentials. We live in this community, so we have a vested interest in our environmental impact. We have made a commitment to use environmentally friendly and ecologically sound materials in our facilities and in the items we use in our daily business. All of our offices use sustainable business best practices including:

  • Our recycling programs include paper, aluminum, cardboard and compostables to minimize waste and recover as many materials as possible through reuse or recycling
  • Any facility upgrades or builds utilize materials that are durable, contain recycled content and are locally manufactured, whenever possible, to reduce our environmental impact. Any re-design efforts make use of energy efficient products to create both an efficient and comfortable environment. We also take advantage of natural elements and technologies to conserve resources, increase office productivity and reduce long-term operational costs and pollutants
  • Our janitorial services include LEED certified green cleaning best practices including the use of Green Seal certified cleaning products

Additionally, Elevations Credit Union has been the proud recipient of two prestigious sustainability awards including:

  • The Community Sustainability Leader of the Year in 2010 from the Boulder Chamber of Commerce
  • The City of Boulder’s Climate Smart Program 10 for Change Award for carbon footprint reduction also in 2010

Elevations Energy Reduction Efforts      

As an active member and participant with Xcel Energy and the City of Boulder's energy efficiency programs, Elevations continues to reduce its carbon footprint and energy consumption. Elevations also implemented industry standard best practices and worked with local energy management specialists, Bolder Energy Engineers, to develop a variety of green programs that helped us achieve these impressive reductions. Elevations has developed strong relationships in the community with Eco-Cycle, Xcel Energy, Colorado Green Buildings Guild, EnergySmart and Boulder’s 10 for Change initiative, which has spurred a commitment to reduce energy usage. 

Elevations began reduction efforts in 2004 using an innovative and holistic approach working with Members of Bolder Energy Engineers. This partnership has become more than just a client/vendor relationship. Together, we have achieved many of our environmental goals including:  

  • Implementation of carbon footprint reduction measurements and benchmarking processes in order to track, analyze and improve reduction efforts
  • Implementation of industry standard energy conservation “best practices”
  • Installation of high efficiency HVAC units in our Wilderness Peaks Support Center and Boulder Baseline locations
  • Implementation of water usage reduction “best practice” for restrooms and irrigation systems
  • Installation of motion sensors and timers for lighting systems
  • Upgrading of automated lighting and HVAC control systems
  • Current expansion of recycling, green cleaning and green pest control programs
  • Active participant in Boulder’s “Smart Grid” program utilizing “Smart Meter” technology

Recent Examples

Through partnership with Eco-Cycle, Elevations diverted over 21,000 pounds of material from landfills and as such, reduced its carbon footprint by the following numbers (2016).

  • 980 gallons of gasoline
  • 22 tons of greenhouse gas emissions
  • The equivalent of 3.7 cars removed from the road in a year
  • 162 pounds of toxic air pollutants
  • 1 pound of water pollution
  • The prevention of the release of 40 pounds of toxic herbicides
  • The prevention of the release of 16,940 pounds of substances harmful to human health

Implementation of energy efficiency measures at a recent remodel of the Lafayette branch resulted in a 41 percent reduction in electrical consumption preventing over 94,000 kWh from being consumed. This is the equivalent to 66.2 metric tons of coal and saved its members.

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